Book Review: By Faith, Not By Sight

By Faith, Not By Sight – written by Scott MacIntyre with Jennifer Schuchmann and published by Thomas Nelson

Scott MacIntyre seemed to have it all.  He was a piano prodigy.  He graduated college at nineteen.  He was a prestigious Marshall Scholar.  He was an athletic skier. He was an American Idol finalist.

Scott MacIntyre is blind. He also suffered from kidney disease. After ten months of grueling dialysis he ultimately recieved a transplant at the age of twentytwo, saving his life.

By Faith, Not By Sight is his remarkable story.

The book is inspirational on two fronts.  First, there is Scott’s personal achievements in spite of his physical challenges. Anyone who appreciates a tale of overcoming the odds will enjoy this one.  Hand-in-hand, there is the story of a young man supported and driven by his Christian faith.  Readers who might be struggling through life’s challenges will be inspired when reading this story.

Does God reveal his greatness through people?  Do people find their greatness through God?  That is the story MacIntyre reveals. There is much more, hopefully, to the life story of Scott MacIntyre.  But his first twentyseven years are enough to fill a pretty good book.

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A copy of this book was provided at no cost by the BookSneeze blogger review program.  In no other way did the publisher, author, or anyone else influence the content of this review.

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