Book Review: The Little Red Book of Wisdom

The Little Red Book of Wisdom; (revised edition) by Mark DeMoss and published by Thomas Nelson Publishers, 2011 (original published in 2007)

My personal book preference is one that uses real life stories that I can relate to, introducing them with an interesting approach and sharing positive outcomes and impacts; stirring in some inspirational nuggets that are easy to apply across a variety of situations.

For those reasons and more, I really enjoyed The Little Red Book of Wisdom.  Applicable to work, relationships, and life in general, this is a quick infusion of truth, inspiration and wisdom, powered by life experience.  A quick review of a few chapter titles and subtitles provides insight to the type of content to be found by the reader:

Chapter 9: Money Isn’t Everything, Good People Are; Creating a winning corporate culture

Chapter 18: Shut Up and Listen; Learn to listen more than you speak

Chapter 15: There Are No Degrees of Integrity; You either have it or you don’t

Chapter 7: But Some Stamps; Reclaiming the lost art of letter writing

Each of the 23 short chapters is a story unto itself, sharing important life wisdom through the experiences of real people.  Many of the chapters also include Christian references, but this is not an in your face gospel.  It is an easy-to-read and important-to-read book across all demographics.

For a meaningful break from today’s rapid-paced and complex world, enjoy the heart-felt simplicity of this book.  If you’re looking for an inspirational gift for someone graduation college, or someone going through a life-changing time and needing a pick-me-up-and-move-me-forward gift, consider The Little Red Book of Wisdom. 

I highly recommend buying, reading and giving this book.  Order it HERE from Amazon or HERE from Barnes & Noble.

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Note: I received this book free from the publisher through the BookSneeze®.com  book review bloggers program. Other than that, neither the publisher, author nor anyone connected to them offered any influence  on the content of my review.  The opinions I have expressed are entirely my own.

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