Book Review: On This Day In Christian History

On This Day in Christian History, 365 Amazing and Inspiring Stories About Saints, Martyrs, and Heroes by Robert J. Morgan, published by Thomas Nelson, original copyright 1997.

If you love history, religious academia and have an interest in expanding your knowledge of Christian doctrine and tradition, this book is for you.  In one page entries, the author provides one year of daily readings, but centuries of historical Christian stories and insights.

Although some readings can be complex enough to demand multiple readings for full comprehension, most passages are easily understood.  Generally, the stories are not commonly known, so the author’s research has resulted in an interesting way to further the reader’s knowledge of Christian history.

By telling the story of a different person each day, Morgan helps us see how their Christian faith helped them through personal crisis, elevated them above personal attacks on their beliefs, or put them in position to serve as a faith witness in both ordinary and extraordinary ways. Each reading is accompanied by a Bible verse, which also aids the reader in personal reflection. 

Whether one reads the book cover to cover for historical and theological context, or chooses to use it as the basis of a daily devotional, On This Day in Christian History is bound to expand knowledge, develop insight, and perhaps even strengthen faith.  I would also suggest keeping this book in mind as a gift for a person of faith, a history buff, or someone graduating from a school of theology or starting a new position in a church related occupation.

You can order the book from HERE or from Barnes & Noble HERE.

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Note: The publisher provided a complimentary copy of this book through  BookSneeze.  In no other way did the publisher influence the opinions expressed.

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